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Google Remarketing: Everything You Need To Know

google remarketing

“Google Remarketing”, many of you may have heard about it before, or not.

Many marketers have this question in mind: will the users come back to my site when they search for relevant ads again? Think no more! This is exactly the reason Google Remarketing exist! It is a tool to let you know WHOEVER visited your site and WHATEVER they did while they were on your site! From my experience, I searched for a hotel on Agoda, after I left the website, I immediately notice an ad appears on my Facebook newsfeed stating “Agoda: Cheapest hotel in Tokyo”. I was like WOW Google, you big stalker! They literally stalked me and remind me about my interest and “lure” me back to Agoda to book the hotels!

With Google Remarketing, you can:

Build an anonymous and personalized snapshots of your new and current customers to bring them to whatever they are searching for.
STALK THEM!! Achieve pieces of information of the pages they visited, their frequency and their interest. You can even know what device or browser they use (Devices are important for digital marketing and I will cover this in a later post).
For instance, imagine you are running JB Hi-Fi, Australia’s Largest Home Entertainment Retailer with millions of items. In order to offer the best shopping experience, you have to “stalk” them and know what your customers are looking for on your site.

But, the question is, how Google stalks everyone?

So, what Google did was placing a label on each product’s page. When a customer visited that product’s page, BOOM! Google successfully “infiltrate” you and the Google cookie ID is then added to the Remarketing list, which will activate when you look for similar products again.

Hence, with the Google Remarketing program, marketers are able to do “Smart Targeting” with lots of flexibilities to match your customers’ taste and preference. As there are lots of competitors out there, you can even optimize your bids to “capture” the valuable users’ attention!

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